Zainab Shakir

Founder & CEO

Zainab Shakir started Styled By Zainab in October 2020, when she realised that you don’t need to be a celebrity to dress like one. A common question she came across during her career was, “What’s your costing like?”. And this is when she realised that affordability was the main priority missed in the world of fashion styling. 

Another aspect which created Styled By Zainab was to make it accessible to all user groups. We at Styled By Zainab make stylish ensembles attainable for anyone and everyone with just one click! 

In just 9 months, SBZ has worked with clients from Canada, Monte Carlo and London. SBZ is a globally recognised platform today.

Who is Zainab?

A self-taught stylist who believes in experience over matter, Zainab’s journey in the celebrity fashion styling industry gave her the confidence to take the field of styling to the internet. From working with companies like Nykaa Fashion and Myntra. Her love for creativity and everything aesthetic, made her tap into the world of Fashion, Interiors, Art and Creative Direction to analyse, conceptualise and curate a look true to you. When a client walks with confidence in their personally styled look we believe our job here is completed!